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Outstanding Alumni

This page is dedicated to alumni who for some reason or another have set themselves apart and need to be recognized. Dalat Alumni are some of the most interesting, incredible people in the world.

I am sure you may have some amazing stories of alumni who have done great things, been in the news or just have a story worth telling. If you have have a suggestion please email us and let us know.

blogintro-ccDalat alumna Carolyn (Cathey) Castelli has spent a lifetime serving those in emotional suffering.

Carolyn (Cathey) Castelli, '68, remembers the rocket blasts vividly. Shot off behind Dalat School, they soared overhead and exploded into the valley below. Castelli moved quickly, with other young students, to a lower, more protected area of the dorm. They huddled together, praying to get through the night in one piece. 

Though they survived this close encounter, the school soon had to evacuate to escape the escalating Vietnam War closing in. Castelli was 14 years old at the time.


blogintro-cjDalat alumna Evelyn (Sahlberg) Lundberg Stratton follows her calling to become an Ohio Supreme Court Justice

Like many Dalat alumni, Evelyn (Sahlberg) Lundberg Stratton grew up knowing what it meant to be called by God. Each of her parents had felt the tug to pursue missionary work long before they met each other. It was a call to give up the security of life as they knew it to bring hope and joy to people in need.

Evelyn knew all about her parents' calling. What she didn't know was that God would ask her to do the same thing. But for her, the venue would be far different.


blogintro-skateAlumnus Nathan Bemo takes skateboarding parks around the world

For Nathan Bemo, skateboarding is far more than a hobby. It's a life calling. As unlikely as that sounds, it makes sense when you know that only divine direction could have led Bemo ('92) to pursue such a seemingly impractical vocation.

The American Ramp Company, of which Bemo is founder and president, designs, constructs, and installs skateboarding parks around the world. The company, based in Joplin, Missouri, has flourished, having a net worth of several million dollars. This past year alone, ARC bought out two competitors, had sales of $11.5 million, and installed 225 parks. In total, ARC has installed more than 1,000 parks worldwide.


blogintro-fwAlumnae Kimberly Gross' dream to be a pilot finally takes flight 

For most kids who've lived overseas, flying is second nature. After all, some third culture kids (TCKs) fly around the world before they can walk. And some learn their geography while flying from airport to airport. 

So it's not too surprising that, as adults, some TCKs aren't ready to give up frequent flying. Kimberly Gross is a perfect example.

Gross attended Dalat International School from 2001 to 2005 —her entire high school career. Her mom was a middle school teacher at the school for English and social studies classes. Previously the family had lived in Kuala Lumpur and India.


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