I like Dalat because of the incredible “life coaches” that are always there for us. These “life coaches” push us with great effort, making us grow personally, and accomplishing things we’ve never imagined possible.

Clarissa - Grade 8

Preschool 3 Class Profile

About your Teacher

My husband and I have been at Dalat since 2001, and this will be the 7th year I have taught Preschool 3 in the mornings, and then Elementary Art in the afternoons. I have one son who is a junior this year, and two children who have graduated already and are attending post-secondary education, one in Canada and one in the US.

Class Information

Preschool 3 is a time of social interaction and learning through play and directed activities. They also enjoy PE and music classes, as well as outdoor recess time.

What should Students bring to School?

Students need to bring an umbrella to school for those rainy days, that is labeled and stays at school.  Good shoes for running and playing are recommended, especially for PE days. Also, a backpack to carry home their folder on Fridays is a good idea.

Daily Specials

This year some of our specials include:

Monday - Music
Tuesday - PE
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - PE
Friday - Chapel, Library

Additional Information

Student Pick-up

School ends at 12:00 noon. Please pick up your student then. Once they are released to your care you are expected to supervise your children at all times. Please be aware that there are other classes and clubs that are still meeting on campus and students and parents should stay near the playground or on the field.

Parking and Driving on Campus

Please drive carefully on campus. In an effort to keep our campus safe for our students, the Dalat campus has pick-up area that is designated a “no waiting zone” next to the band room. This area is for loading cars and is not intended as a parking or waiting area. Even if there are no cars behind you, we ask that you not wait in the this area and the guards have been instructed to ask you to keep moving immediately.

If you would like to wait in your car or park, the school administration asks that you park in a parking space. If there is not a parking space available on campus, there is parking on the field next to campus that is safe and very convenient.

There is easy access to the campus through the upper field gate which is unlocked during drop off and pick up times (11:30am to 12:30pm). We appreciate those who are willing to park on the upper field to minimize traffic on our campus.

Thank you for keeping our campus safe.

Robin Mahoney

Elementary Teacher


I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me during school hours.