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Xiao Leen - Grade 10



Beginning Band


Grade Level: 6-8
Duration: Year long

Two courses, Band 6 for sixth graders and Middle School Beginning Band for seventh and eighth grade students with no prior band experience, comprise Dalat's beginning level instrumental program. These courses are designed to help students with little or no band experience to develop fundamental musical skills.

At the beginning of the year instruments are introduced to students and they are encouraged to try several. With the guidance of the instructor an instrument to learn is then selected. Once regular classes begin, students first meet with like instruments on alternating days until the group has advanced to the point of all being able to work together.

As individual practice is a must for sufficient progress, students take instruments home or arrange to practice at the school for 70 minutes each week. Sixth Grade and Beginning Band members perform on three concerts each year, one at Christmas and two during the second semester.

Middle School Extra Curricular Activities


Extra curriculum for Middle School included and is not limited to some of the following. More Information can be found in the Middle School Eureka's and Explorer's page.

  • Student Council
  • Jazz Band
  • Archery
  • Worship
  • Fingerstyle Guitar
  • Girl’s Weightlifting
  • Drama
  • Critter Gitter
  • Video Production
  • Industrial Arts
  • Boy’s Wrestling
  • Food Studies
  • Mosaic Art
  • Competitive Swimming
  • Choir
  • Brain Quest
  • Soccer/Basketball
  • Girl Scouts
  • Chess
  • D for Davis
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Scrabble
  • a-MAZE-ing