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Welcome to Dalat DIScovery!


Dalat International School (DIS) extends an invitation to young Christian men and women in grades 9 through 12 to experience a year or semester learning, living and serving abroad!

Dalat’s DIScovery welcomes an elite group of high school students to study at Dalat, live with a dorm family and experience missions in Southeast Asia first hand. In a vibrant, energetic, multicultural environment, Dalat offers a challenging college-preparatory American educational program. With high standards, rich traditions, and highly-qualified staff, Dalat serves missionary families in Asia, international expatriate families in the local community, and national families in Malaysia.

Situated on a lovely seaside campus on the tropical island of Penang, Malaysia, Dalat provides safe and secure family-style boarding facilities, an exposure to missions like you can’t imagine, and an array of extra-curricular activities all while continuing high school studies.

DIScover what God has for you in the world!


Dalat Athletics

Experience AtheleticsDalat has an excellent sports program and well equipped facilities for all types of events. Read more

Experience Mission

Experience MissionGet connected with Dalat's mission exposure and outreach trips each semester. Read more

Directions for Hgh School?

Directions Need Direction on High School?
Dalat DIScovery guarantees you will discover a whole new world!

DIScovery Video Picks

vDiscovery VideoDalat DIScovery
Dalat’s DIScovery Program is an opportunity of a lifetime for Christian high school students.
Resident Life VideoResident Life
Dalat's Residence Life program is one of the best in the world.
Introducing Dalat First Class Education
Dalat provides a first-class academic education to children in preschool through Grade 12.

Students Say

This semester has honestly been the best time of my life.
I Have Changed
I'm reassured that God's with me wherever I go, and coming here and leaving home has helped me change and reevaluate my thinking.
I am filled with wonderful, meaningful memories.

Interested in more of what Dalat's Discovery students say? Read More

Still time for fun?

fp_footer-1 Each dormitory has computers, kitchen, and lounge area with television, DVD player, and video games. Yes, there is still time for fun! Read More

You'll love the food!

fp_footer-2 Because of the Malay, Indian and Chinese cultural influences, the food is fabulous! Dalat has a mix of North American and Asian foods. Read More

Study by the beach!

fp_footer-3 Dalat International School represents more than classroom learning - it's a living, energetic community - in a great location. Read More

Education for Life

fp_footer-4Dalat is a school that scholastically sets itself apart by achieving excellent results 10%-15% above the US national average. Read More