High School Tablets

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Students in the class of 2019 and beyond, and students new to Dalat should bring a Windows tablet to the first day of school. The three suitable options are listed in detail below. An iPad will not be an option for the class of 2019. All of these computers have been chosen for their specs, price, quality, availability, and the value that they will bring to the classroom.

While the iPad has been a great device for the last few years, we feel this change is the best step forward for all of our students and for the way these computers can continue to transform education. Note that these are the only options that will be allowed for the class of 2019. In order to simplify support through our tech staff and for the training of the teachers we need to keep these limits on the choice of device that can be used.


Why are we switching to a Windows Tablet from the iPad?

The Windows tablet is in many ways the best of both worlds. It is a full functioning computer with the usability, portability and form factor of a tablet.

Teachers want the freedom to use a device with a full functioning operating system rather than working within the limits of the iOS system. This includes…

  • The ability to plug in accessories like probes for collecting data in science classes.
  • The ability to write papers on a full functioning device with multi-tasking for research allowing easy switching between multiple applications and documents.
  • Access to file directories and ways of saving documents that are not available on the iPad.
  • The ability to access media that uses flash​ as well as other software programs that do not operate on a limited iOS platform.
  • Simpler and more powerful editing of Google documents. As we move more and more to cloud computing, the limits of the iPad become more and more apparent in the classroom.
For the vast majority of the apps that we are now using there are already comparable apps in the Windows eco system.

Research on what is around the corner this summer in Windows 10 indicates that the trend of making apps available for the Windows platform will accelerate significantly for those few apps that are not.

For the one app that students use the most that is not available in a Windows environment (Notability) we have found that Microsoft OneNote, which is a free application, has the key needed features as well as many additional ones.
Many families currently feel the need to support students with both an iPad as well as an additional computer at home to do homework.

These new devices should eliminate that extra cost for families as the same device can be used both at home and at school with the added convenience of not needing to move files back and forth between multiple devices.

The iPad is seen by many students as a device more for gaming and consumption of media than for the production of content.

These new computers will make the creation of content much simpler and focus the use of the device more on educational productivity.

Windows computers will allow every one of our classrooms on campus to act like computer labs when needed. Currently with labs in use for classes and testing, teachers occasionally struggle to get adequate time in the computer labs.
Windows computers give the school more options for appropriately monitoring student activity on their devices during the school day. This will make students more productive. The same is also true for parents at home.

Windows 8 has excellent parental controls (called Microsoft Family Safety) that can be configured which will give parents more control on what your students are dong on their device. We will be providing information to parents on steps they can take to initiate these controls at the beginning of next year.

Allowing the three different devices gives suitable price point options for all of our families. There are low, medium, and high options for families to choose the device that suits their student the best.

The lowest is comparable to the cost of a mid-range iPad with all the accessories while the mid-range windows tablet is cheaper than a fully equipped iPad.

The upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8 will be a free upgrade available sometime this summer. Microsoft Office is now available for free for all of our students and can be installed on these devices.

Families with students currently in grade 8 are allowed to purchase one of the three options listed below any time between now and the first day of school in the fall semester.

Students who are currently in the high school will be allowed to continue to use their iPad device for the remainder of their time in high school but are given the option to switch to these new devices if they choose to do so.

Device Options

For all these options Dalat recommends a sturdy case for protection from drops. Once again, thank you for your support. We will work with the tech department to answer questions that come up and to communicate whenever we have new information.

All these options and pricing includes the keyboard which is optional on all the devices but is required by the school.