Family, friends, and a home away from home.

The Dalat boarding community is a home away from home for DIS students whose parents live outside of Penang. Living in the dorms is a great way to make new friends and learn to become independent while living in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We strive to create a home-like atmosphere in each dorm so that students feel comfortable, secure and well cared for. Siblings live together in the same dorm and each family includes both genders and a variety of ages. We offer many family-bonding opportunities which help students connect with one another and feel a sense of belonging: birthday parties for each student, special outings and activities, dorm family devotions, homemade daily breakfast in the dorms and weekly special treats, service projects, dorm Christmas parties, Valentine’s Banquet and an annual dorm retreat.

The greatest strengths of our boarding community are:

Partnership With Parents

When parents send their children to boarding at Dalat, we want to establish and maintain a strong, close relationship with them. We view our ministry as an extension of the family unit, not a replacement for it. We place a high priority on communication with parents and view ourselves as partners in the process of caring for their children.

To stay in touch, dorm parents write weekly letters to parents and send pictures of the various activities in which students are involved. The residence supervisors send a monthly newsletter about whole-program activities and current issues.

Close-knit Community

Our dorms are best known for being places where deep relationships form. Dorm students call their dorm parents “uncle” and “aunt” and their dorm mates become like brothers and sisters. Friendships developed in the dorms are often life-long, as evidenced by the activity on our alumni web site

Cultural Diversity

The multi-cultural atmosphere in our dorms gives students the opportunity to grow in their ability to appreciate the experiences, differences and strengths of people from different backgrounds. This ability to live in a multi-cultural community prepares young people to succeed wherever they go in the world.

Christian Atmosphere

We strive to maintain a Christian atmosphere in each dorm home which means that students are treated with love and respect and are expected to honor one another. Students are also given many opportunities to nurture their personal faith in the dorm and Dalat community.

Excellence and Accountability

The residence life program at Dalat is accredited by the Association of Christian School International which means the program is held accountable by an outside agency to maintain high standards in the areas of personnel, facilities, finances, program, administration and philosophy.

Our own internal strategy for continued growth in excellence includes annual surveys in which students and parents are given opportunity to give their feedback and suggestions for improvement. For ongoing input, a council of dorm students meets monthly with the residence supervisor to discuss current issues related to dorm life.

If you are interested in a staff position on the residence life team, please contact Brian and Valerie at