Dorm Facilities

Secure and Comfortable Family style accommodation

Dalat International School has four dormitories all located on the school campus. They are named after famous missionary families from Dalat’s past: Chandler, Jaffray, Jackson and Ziemer.


Although each dorm building is unique, all of the dorms have a lounge and kitchen area for students to socialize, do homework, or make snacks. Each dorm bedroom, home to between 2 or 3 boarders, is furnished with beds, dressers, wardrobes, end tables and desks. Our staff team works hard to make each dorm feel homey, secure and comfortable for our students.

Improvements in recent years have included new air conditioners in all the living rooms and dorm bedrooms. Our dorm study rooms are also air conditioned. The dorms surround the outer perimeter of our campus, so that students have a short walk to school from whichever dorm they live in.

Jackson Dorm

Jackson Dorm can be found in between our school gym and the middle school building. The dorm layout includes a girls’ wing and a boys’ wing, each with bathrooms at the end of the hallway. The dorm parents’ apartment, the dorm lounge, kitchen and study room is conveniently located in between the two wings of bedrooms.

Jaffray Dorm

Jaffray Dorm has a great ocean view and breeze and easy access to the rest of the campus. It is located past Ziemer dorm and right before the stairs leading down to the cafeteria. The layout includes a girls’ wing and a boys’ wing (each room has a private bathroom), and large lounge with kitchen, two study rooms (one for the girls and one for the boys) and the dorm parents’ apartment.

Ziemer Dorm

Ziemer Dorm is located on upper campus between the clinic and Jaffray Dorm, right beside our school fountain. There are 3 boys’ rooms and 3 girls’ rooms in Ziemer, each with a private bathroom. At the center of the dorm is the lounge, kitchen and study room, with the dorm parent’s apartment placed in front.

The students in the dorm appreciate the feel of home after a day at school. National staff workers keep the house, yard, and laundry clean. Rides are provided by the dorm dad after school at designated times which vary according to extra-curricular activities.