Dorm Families

An enriching experience of culture, diversity, and lasting friendships

Our boarding program is home to almost 70 dorm students from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Dorms are family-style which means siblings are placed together in the same dorm and students usually remain with the same dorm family for the duration of their stay at Dalat.


Each co-ed dorm family is a blend of younger and older students, creating a family atmosphere. Each dorm family enjoys a wide variety of activities together, such as shopping, playing games, attending church services, enjoying family outings and meals out together.

The dorm parents are committed to the ministry of nurturing and meeting the daily needs of dorm students. They plan family bible devotions during the week, sometimes together as a dorm family, sometimes with the boys and girls in separate groups. They serve after school snacks and an extra special homemade treat for the kids to enjoy during their weekly dorm meeting. They also arrange special outings as well as service projects in the local community for students to enjoy together.