Board of Governors


Experienced and Passionate School Governance

The school’s Board of Governors are Dalat’s highest level of school governance and work with the Director and the school’s management team to fulfill the mission and accomplish the goals of Dalat International School. Dalat’s Board of Governors is made up of well-trained individuals passionate about providing an education for life founded on a biblical worldview to students in Penang and throughout Asia.


Board of Governors

Mr. Choon Piao Ooi

Board Chairman

Mrs. Rachel Brooks

Board Vice Chairman

Mr. Stewart Stemple

Board Secretary

Mr. Jung Hoon Lim

Board Member

Mr. Ryan Emis

Board Member

Mrs. Doris Strong

Board Member

Mrs. Sarah Stuart

Board Member

Mr. Lee Khai

Board Member

Mr. Vance Worten

Board Member

The Board of Governors, or School Board as we like to refer to them, operates under the Carver Model of Policy Governance which allows the board to set long-term goals for the school and makes sure those goals are being worked on and met rather than being driven by making decisions on issues. The school administration manages the school according to these long-term goals within parameters set by the board to protect the mission and vision of Dalat and the families the board serves. The foundations of these long-term goals are Dalat’s Expected School-wide Learning Results.

Complaints and Grievances

Complaints and grievances, which are related to teaching and the classroom should be handled first by speaking directly to the classroom teacher. Once communication has been established and resolution is not satisfactorily reached, the parent may contact the principal. Issues related to social and emotional well-being can be directed to the counselor. Questions related to fees and payment of fees should be directed to personnel in the finance office.

In the case of a complaint or grievance that is not resolved by talking with the principal or finance office, depending on the nature or the issue, the parent may contact the head of school. If the situation remains unresolved, the parent may contact a school board member who will inform the board chairman. The chairman will decide whether the issue should be brought before the board for discussion or to leave the final decision with the head of school.