Campus Development

Continuing the Legacy: From 1929 into the Future

Dalat International School is undergoing a campus development project that will change the look of Dalat and provide great facilities to educate our children for the next thirty years. Waves or change began in 2015 and will continue until 2018.


New Campus Map


Capital Campaign Brochure

Schedule of Campus Development

This schedule is based on estimates and is subject to change.


  • Demolition of current guidance center and classrooms
  • Construction of the CASTLE, guidance/media/science center/art


  • CASTLE building completed
  • Demolition of parts of lower campus
  • Construction of the four-story dorm on lower campus


  • Dorm building completed
  • Demolition of existing dorms
  • Construction of high school, administration, multipurpose room


  • High school, administration, and multipurpose room completed
  • Demolition of existing high school
  • Parking lot added

Key Points

A thirty year agreement with the landowners, the Sisters of the Infant Jesus Convent, has been secured guaranteeing that Dalat will be on our current location at least until 2043 and most likely beyond!
With every building project come many challenges, some we can plan for and some that are unseen. Please be patient through this process. We welcome your ideas and comments as we work together to build a great school for our children.
The goal at the end of process are great new facilities to educate and train our kids. We will have purpose-built, flexible facilities for the next thirty years.
Dalat has been a good steward of its resources for the last two decades and has saved Building Fees and any profit made to prepare for this building project. Dalat already has most of the money to complete the plan. A capital campaign to raise the remainder of the funds is taking place now.
Even though construction on campus will be anything but usual school will still take place on campus throughout the construction. Obviously there will need to be some changes and flexibility from everyone but continuing Dalat’s great education for our students is our first priority.
Safety is a top priority during construction. Walls will be erected and signs put up. This will undoubtedly create inconveniences and changes to all of us. Please help us by being our eyes and ears during this process to point out potential dangers you may see and also instructing your children how to stay safe around building sites.
Come and talk to us, visit the school website at or email us at