Dalat History

Over 80 Years of International Education

Memories given by Ruth Kelck, a staff member who retired in September, 2002, after teaching at Dalat for 43 years.

Dalat School was founded in 1929 as a private Christian boarding school to provide a North American elementary and high school education for children of C&MA missionaries in Indo-China. Because of war conditions in 1965, the school moved from its original location in Dalat, Vietnam, to a temporary location in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eight months later, the school relocated to the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia where it remained for six years. In June 1971, Dalat moved to its present location in Penang, Malaysia where it became established as Dalat International School in 2002.


It is a pleasure for me to reflect on God’s faithfulness to Dalat School. Ask any teacher what makes Dalat special and they will say it is the students. Ask any student what makes Dalat special and they will say it is the friends that they make and the fun they have with them. Ask any parent what makes Dalat special and they will say it provides a quality education in a safe environment. Positive togetherness, moments of camaraderie and satisfying relationships are the hallmarks of a Dalat education.

Dalat School had to flee Vietnam in April 1965 with three days notice from the US Embassy; three days to pack up as much as they could carry and be evacuated to Bangkok, Thailand.

— Dalat History Fact