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Dalat is a biblically-based, Christ-following day and boarding school located on the island of Penang off the west coast of Malaysia. Started as a school for missionary children, Dalat has grown to meet the needs of both missionary and business expatriate families in Southeast Asia as well as local Malaysian families. The school has been providing quality education since 1929. In order for the school to maintain low tuition fees, staff are offered a modest salary and benefits contract that is similar to that of missionaries. Staff answer God’s calling on their lives to cross-cultural ministry in this unique, dynamic environment.

November through March each school year Dalat seeks dynamic, enthusiastic, caring professionals who are follower of Christ for employment in the next school year.

  • Candidates must have an understanding of Christian education and have the ability to integrate Biblical principles in their teaching.
  • Candidates should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, be adept with technology and demonstrate flexibility in working in a cross-cultural environment and be willing to be involved in the community.
  • Candidates must be willing to incorporate cooperative learning strategies and ESL-sensitive instruction.
  • Teachers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree or higher and be certified. Two or more years of experience is necessary.


Please take time to read through the School Profile and the Salary and Benefits Contract so that you better understand the school and ministry you’re applying to. Please understand that you are applying to work and live in a third world country and that preparedness for overseas ministry is an important component of this process.


2018-2019 School Year

Dalat is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic English teacher for the high school division. This position will teach a variety of courses in grades 9-12, from freshmen to the AP level. Experience teaching AP courses and teaching/coaching forensics are a benefit.
Dalat is seeking an innovative science teacher with a specialization in physics. Courses to be taught include both 9th grade conceptual physics as well as AP physics with other science classes added, depending on the annual needs
Dalat is in need of a versatile social studies teacher for the high school division. A variety of courses are offered in the social studies department, from World History to AP level courses. This teacher should be flexible enough to fill other teaching roles, as needed, such as Bible or electives.
Dalat is seeking a Mandarin teacher comfortable with balancing the traditional teaching of Mandarin in an international school. The students range from westerners just beginning to learn Mandarin to native speakers wanting to improve their reading and writing skills. Teaching AP Chinese is a requirement for this position

Dalat is seeking a compassionate and supportive person to work with high school students through the special services department. This person will supervise the learning lab, help implement support plans, and oversee the peer tutoring program under the direction of the Special Services Coordinator. This is an assistant position, so a teaching credential or education degree is not required.

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Dalat is searching for a committed math teacher for grades 9-12. This position will cover a variety of levels in high school math, with possibilities ranging from Algebra 1 to Pre-Calculus and everything in between.
Dalat is seeking an energetic and motivated Spanish teacher for the high school department. Most students are brand new to the language, and it can be challenging to learn in an environment that is heavy in a wide variety of Asian languages. Depending on the number of students enrolling in Spanish each year, other teaching or support roles may be added to make this a full-time position.

The middle school division is looking for a unique individual with just the right combination of passion, fun, and organizational skills to serve as coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for weekly MS activities, retreats, guidance lessons, and standardized testing, among other things. This person needs to have a passion for working with middle school students and a high tolerance for “childish chaos.” This person will also teach a few classes in the Middle School division.

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The MS division of DIS is looking for a male teacher to teach the middle school boys PE and health classes, as well as coach a variety of sports. This person will also teach a few other classes in the Middle school division outside of the PE department.
DIS is seeking a student-centered middle school science teacher to engage students in learning about the world. The teacher should be able to guide students in conducting investigative science experiments, preparing science fair projects, and developing strong scientific skills. Courses this person may teach include physical science, life science and earth science, based on the NGSS. A valid teaching certificate and 2+ years of teaching experience are needed.
DIS is looking for an engaging and enthusiastic social studies teacher for 7th and 8th grades. The position involves teaching both world and American history.
Fifth grade is a transitional year at Dalat, and we are seeking an organized and enthusiastic teacher to help students in the transition process. While fifth grade is the first year of middle school, it is still taught in a homeroom style with the teacher responsible for all core courses. The students switch classes between the two fifth grade homerooms throughout the day, as well as “specials.”
Dalat is seeking a student-centered math teacher for the middle school division. Courses may include Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. Students in Math 6 are transitioning from a Singapore-style math to a more traditional American style, so this is a year of helping them understand the difference in language and teaching styles between the two. The other courses follow a traditional American model.

Dalat is seeking an organized individual to liaise between our staff and local landlords in the process of securing and maintaining staff housing. This person should have a servants’ heart and be willing to work between the expat and local cultures. This is a part time role, but may be combined with another role to be full time.

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DIS is a leader in the integration of technology and needs a technology specialist to join our technology team. Students in grades 6-12 have a one:one program, with iPad’s in the middle school and a BYOD program in the high school The focus of this position would be in the area helping teachers in all divisions in the use technology in their classrooms. Experience at using the Moodle platform would be helpful.
DIS is looking for a collaborative and nurturing elementary teacher to instruct our grade three students. As a homeroom teacher, this person will be responsible for Bible, reading, language arts, science, social studies, and math lessons.
DIS is looking for a creative and caring preschool teacher to instruct our preschool 4 students. As a preschool teacher, this person will be responsible for Bible, reading, language arts, science, and math lessons. The pre-school school day runs from 8:25-12:00, so this is a part-time position.
Dalat is seeking an energetic and nurturing couple who love working with students to serve in a family-style boarding program. This position involves providing daily care, support, and mentoring for up to 18 international students ranging in age from 12-18. Qualifications include extensive experience in youth ministry, a passion for hospitality and discipleship, and a willingness to generously share one’s family to provide a loving home for boarding students from a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. Personal children should be of school-age or older. As a character profession, dorm parenting is well-suited for couples who enjoy living transparently in a close-knit community.

2019-2020 School Year

Dalat is anticipating the need for a head librarian beginning in July of 2019. This position oversees the library collection and staff for all divisions of the school. A degree in library science is desired.

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Application Process and Timeline

Please visit our Staff Application Process and Timeline page for further details.

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