Campus Facilities

“One of the Most Beautiful Locations in the World”

One of the most beautiful locations in the world” is usually how people describe the campus of Dalat International School. Situated on beach front property on the tropical island of Penang, Malaysia, the campus offers breathtaking views of the sea and Malaysia’s outlying islands along the western coast.

Since 1971 the Dalat school campus has been located on this 7.5 acre paradise that includes classrooms, administration, athletic and boarding facilities for the Dalat community. The campus was built between the 1920’s and 1950’s as a British military retreat center with most of the buildings remaining to this day. School gymnasium and student centers were added in the 1990’s.


Facilities Overview


  • High School: 21 classrooms
  • Middle School: 11 classrooms
  • Elementary School: 11 classrooms

For more information see Academics


  • Reception
  • Head of School’s Office
  • Principal’s Office
  • Admissions Office
  • Development Office
  • Human Resources Office


  • Over 20,000 books, ten computers, and hundreds of online periodical subscriptions
  • Elementary School Library
  • High School and Middle School Library

For more information see Library


“An ongoing effort to grow and prepare our kids for their future.”

  • Over 350 computers on campus for student and staff use
  • Four computer labs
  • eLearning Center
  • Over 20,000 books, ten computers, and hundreds of online periodical subscriptions
  • Elementary School Library
  • High School and Middle School Library
  • Tablets for all High School students

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  • Labs for experiments in chemistry, physics and biology.
  • 3 science labs.

The Arts

“In pursuit of making life beautiful and nurturing creative minds…”

  • Band room
  • Vocal ensemble room
  • 2 Visual Arts studios
  • Industrial Arts shop
  • Piano room

For more information see Fine Arts

Student Services

“Meeting the individual needs of our students and homeschooling families…”

  • Academic guidance
  • Emotional counseling
  • Special services for learning disabilities
  • Distance Learning Resource Center (DLRC)

For more information see Student Services

Boarding/Residence Life

“Meeting the needs of our boarding students…”

  • 4 dorm families: separate boys and girls bedroom wings (most have ensuite bathrooms), separate study rooms, common living and dining areas and a dorm parent apartment
  • Medical infirmary
  • Resident nurse

For more information see Boarding/Residence Life


“Tasty meals that make hungry students happy…”

  • Seating for 250
  • Outside beach side covered eating area
  • Full service kitchen and storage

Athletics / PE

“Fostering teamwork and health among students…”

  • Gymnasium: hardwood floor, locker rooms, and weight room
  • Outside basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Swimming pool
  • 2 grass playing fields

For more information see Athletics

Meetings and Special Events

“Dalat regularly meets at the Chapel…”

  • All large meetings
  • Music concerts, dramas and musicals

Student Center

“Student facilities and resources…”

  • School Store
  • PTO Store
  • Games Centre
  • Areas to relax and do homework

For more information see Uniform Store