Dalat Results Book


To find out what a product, or school in this case, is all about you have to take a look at the results. That is what the Dalat Results Book tries to do every year. It is a measure of our effectiveness and success on whether we are achieving our mission statement: “Education for life founded on a biblical worldview” and our vision statement to always improve, inspire, and impact our world.


Within the pages of this book you will see how our students match up against other students around the world, what colleges and universities Dalat students are accepted to, results of the Annual Parent Survey, and a response to that survey from our school leadership team.

You will also see our financial health, athletic victories, and hear stories of Dalat’s exceptional students and staff. Finally you will hear updates on the status of our school from each department. Reading through it will give you an accurate picture of who Dalat International School is.