Dalat Mobile App

Helping you stay up-to-date in a mobile world

Dalat Mobile is one more way that the Dalat community can stay connected. Get the latest Dalat News, follow the Tweets, or check a date on the calendar. You are on the go and Dalat wants to help you stay up-to-date and informed. Dalat Mobile will be a great school assistant as you go about your day. Dalat Mobile is specifically designed for phones but can also be used on tablets with iOS and Android systems.



Dalat News

Grab the latest Dalat News articles as soon as they are released. We shall even push the information to your mobile device. The last several weeks of Dalat News will be available to view.


Gain immediate access to all out tweets and keep up to date with the latest news, alerts, and information on school related events.


Sometime we shall post event details and other information via our school Facebook page. With Dalat Mobile you can view our Facebook Page content directly from your mobile device.


View our latest news and information as it relates to the school calendar.


Log-on to PowerSchool for parent of students. Through this portal you shall also be able to view the Dalat Directory in a secure environment. This feature is under development, we shall keep you informed of when it is able to go live.

Dalat Handbooks

View our latest key handbooks such as Admissions Handbook, Programs of Instruction Handbook, Residence Life Handbook, Students and Parents Handbook, Sports Handbook, Junior and Senior Handbook, University Handbook, and Understanding a Western Education. You can also download off-line versions of these to your mobile device.

Child Safety

Dalat International School places a high value on children and strives to provide a safe learning environment. Dalat’s Child Safety and Protection Handbook outlines school policy and procedures that serve the purpose of creating an environment which safeguards students and staff from harassment and abuse. The handbook explains how any member of the school community can report concerns or observations related to safety and protection.

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