Fine Arts

producing young artists of unique creative thought

The Visual Arts Department is dedicated to producing young artists of unique creative thought and outstanding Christian faith. The program enables students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the meaning of past and present visual arts in society, acquire a broad experience in the creative use of methods and materials, and attain confidence in their ability to integrate their faith, knowledge and creativity.



High School Drama

Dalat’s high school drama program has become a unique and creative blend of disciplines, which emphasizes not only dramatic performance but also drama writing and multi-media production.

Writing: During Semester 1, an eclectic, ever changing small group of student writers led by a faculty member craft an original drama or musical which is put into production during the second semester. The 2010-2011 school year marked the first time that this group of writers decided to self-publish their finished work through The writing emphasis is on creativity and originality. This is perhaps one of the most unique and rewarding writing experiences a high school student can have anywhere. The writing group learns about plotting, dialogue, setting, and tone. They also learn about what it takes to be a published author. The drama writing group is available to any high school student, though the available slots are very limited.


Performance: Dalat high school drama has two productions a year.

First Semester: This production is typically a two-show performance held at Dalat. Comedy is the typical fare of choice and the drama group has performed a variety of well-known plays in the past.

Second Semester: This production is the culmination of the first semester’s writing effort. The three performances are in late May. The first performance is typically a public performance for charity at a local Penang venue. Over the past three years, our drama group has been able to donate over RM20,000 to various local charities. The team also performs two more times at Dalat including once during the end of the year graduation festivities.

Production: We like to bridge the differences between drama, music, and art to enhance our productions. Dalat students often have opportunities to write and perform music to create a “soundtrack” or musical depth to the production. Art students have donated their time to create visual depth and artistic flare to the productions. There are also opportunities for students to create multi-media presentations which compliment or promote the drama. If you have any questions about the high school drama program, contact Mark Sasse at

Elementary & Middle School Drama

The elementary school puts on a musical each semester, which gives students the opportunity to express themselves in creative ways.

Middle school students are able to choose from a variety of “drama exploratories” each year which give them practice in the disciplines of memorization, public speaking, and self-expression.

Music at Dalat

With a focus on high quality performance, literacy, and appreciation, Dalat International School’s music program provides a unique opportunity for many students to participate actively in music. Music is a required course for every student at Dalat from preschool through grade 8, based on the conviction that musical experiences provide tremendous educational benefits.


From the very beginning stages of their education, Dalat students enjoy a variety of rich musical experiences. Preschool–Grade 5 students participate in creative general music classes twice each week, where they develop skills in singing, playing classroom instruments, reading music, and listening critically. These students get their first chances at performing, both in class and at public events like the Elementary or Intermediate Musicals.

Vocal music continues to be offered to students as electives at the secondary level. The High School Concert Choir performs at quarterly concerts and other events, while the select Vocal Ensemble delves into unique forms of performance.

Research has shown that learning a musical instrument promotes brain development, as it requires the use of both hemispheres of the brain and involves kinesthetic skills, language decoding, and personal expression. For this reason, all Dalat students in grades 6-8 are enrolled in the band program.

From the entry-level Beginning Concert Bands—where students select instruments to learn and have their first taste of performing—through the maturing Middle School Concert Bands, middle school students learn to play their instruments as individuals and as a part of a team where no one ever sits on the bench. Students who elect to continue playing with Dalat’s high school band further develop their musicianship by performing advanced repertoire, including selections commonly used at the university level. These students skillfully represent Dalat at a variety of functions each year.

Dalat’s music curriculum is rounded out by several elective courses, including Jazz Ensemble, worship teams, History of Western Music, Music Theory, and AP Music Theory. Our students enjoy high quality musical experiences and leave Dalat well-equipped to pursue musical endeavors in the future.

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