Parent Teacher Organization

Families learning and growing together in the Dalat community

The Dalat PTO warmly welcomes all families to learn and grow together in the Dalat community. We are very blessed to be in a school that wholeheartedly encourages and supports the active participation of parents through the many avenues offered by the school and the PTO. Parents can get involved through volunteer work, community service, offering assistance and expertise in any area of learning or development towards the betterment of the school and for the benefit of its students’ learning.


The PTO sincerely hopes we can give a good platform to you, as parents to get to know each other, meet with teachers and staff on a more regular basis and offer opportunity for you to serve and partner with the school.

Our Objectives:

  • To uphold the purpose, mission and educational philosophy of the school ;
  • To support and encourage parental involvement in school’s activities and events;
  • To promote mutual understanding among parents, teachers and administrators in giving our children the greatest advantages of a multifaceted education ;
  • To represent parents’ concerns to the school ;
  • To promote the physical and emotional safety of our children in school;
  • To serve as a communication link and mutual support system amongst parents; and
  • To encourage multicultural and ethnicity awareness within our community

Over the years, PTO has grown from a few faithful to a sizable number that continues on its objectives, mainly providing ways for parents to get involve in school. Many of its events and activities are sponsored by our generous community and all proceeds generated go towards the PTO fund which in turn, goes back to benefit the school, students, staff and even Dalat families in a variety of ways.


Some of the major events of the PTO are Parent-Teachers BBQ party, Family Day, Garage Sale and International Food and Fun Fair. Valentine’s Day fund raiser is also a big part of the Dalat PTO tradition, where charity and love blend together to make it a truly meaningful day.

The PTO fund recently gave towards the renovation of teachers’ staff lounge, a new couch at the Student Center, appreciation gift vouchers to all Dalat staff during Appreciation Week in May and also supporting one of our favourite Dalat tradition, ie Battle of the Books. In years past, we have also given to the ES Library, Music Band, Annual Fund and Scouts.

We are growing strong. But don’t take our word for it. Come and be part of the action.

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