What Will They Learn?


The search for the right college can be overwhelming. So many guides, so many rankings. There is one thing none of them will tell you: which universities are making sure their students learn what they need to know. Visit this free resource.

Counseling and Guidance

Assisting you with your academic and personal needs

Welcome to Dalat International School’s counseling and guidance department. Your counselors are available to assist you with your academic and personal needs. This site is designed to provide a little extra guidance beyond your random search of the Internet for useful information. We have taken the time to investigate sites for you that are practical, reputable, and reliable.


Dalat School’s guidance staff do not endorse the Web sites, products or services listed. Due to the fluid nature of the Internet, addresses may change over time. If in doubt about a particular Web site, please speak to one of the counselors in person.

Dalat International School’s counseling and guidance office is staffed by an administrative and elementary counselor, high school and college counselor, middle school counselor, and spiritual life director. The counseling offices are located in the Student and Family Resource Center in the middle of campus. Come visit us.