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Admissions Handbook (PDF)

For those wishing to find out more about the requirements and procedures for admission into Dalat International School should start here.


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Feel free to Skype us at Dalat Admissions anytime between 8:30am – 4:30pm Malaysian Time.


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Feel free to drop us a note using our online enquiry form.


School Profile

Download a PDF snapshot overview of Dalat International School.


Experience one of the Best International Schools in Asia

Dalat International School provides education for life for expatriate and local students residing within Penang or through our boarding program.

Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply as we seek a diverse student body. Dalat also admits academically qualified Malaysian students.

Dalat’s policy states that all students attending DIS are expected to live with their parents or documented legal guardian in Penang or to live in one of the school’s boarding homes. All expatriate students studying at Dalat must apply for a student pass.

Dalat’s age admission policy states that children entering the elementary school must be age appropriate for their grade level by August 1st of the year they are enrolling.

Admissions Information for the Current School Year

  • For applications to be processed by the end of the academic school year, for enrollment in August, applications must be completed by May 1st.
  • For enrollment in January, 2nd semester, applications must be completed by December 1.
    We encourage parents who desire to enroll their child at Dalat to contact our Admissions Department regarding spaces available in all grades.
Please note that there may be very limited room in some grades, and particularly in Dalat’s English as a Second Language Program (ESL).

Your enquiry regarding placement for new students is important to us therefore please contact our Admissions Department for additional information regarding admission and for an appointment to tour Dalat International School. Unscheduled visits to the school are usually not very productive.

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