Middle School

Steven Hutchcraft Middle School Principal

Developing and Growing Young People

Middle School at Dalat is an exciting place, encompassing students in grades 5-8. We know that the transitional middle school years can be stressful and challenging for young people, and have designed a program that specifically meets their needs.

Each day at Dalat begins with SAT (student advisory teams). During this time, sixth, seventh, and eight graders, in small groups of 6-8 students meet with a faculty advisor to set goals, learn more about each other, and prepare for the day ahead. The fifth grade students spend this time meeting with their homeroom teacher. This gives the students the opportunity to develop close bonds with a group of people and gives each child an adult advocate on campus.

The school day is planned so that, as students move from fifth grade on, they will gradually and naturally make the transition from the self-contained elementary classroom to the class rotation system found in high school. Fifth grade has two core teachers, and the students are with these two for all of their core academic subjects. Each year, we introduce a little bit more transition and independence to our students, with sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students having different teachers for each of their subjects. All middle school students study music, art, physical education, and technology, in addition to their core academic classes.

The days end with an optional X block, which gives the students the opportunity to try out some new activities and experiences. They will be able to choose new activities each quarter. This short, 9-week commitment allows the students to get a taste of many different types of activities. Supervised study hall is available each day, and may be required for students who are struggling academically or have sports practices later in the day. Once a week, the students will participate in an All Middle School Activity, encouraging students to bond together as a “school within a school.”

We have a wonderful and supportive team of teachers here at Dalat, striving to meet the needs of all students. In addition to the highly qualified teachers in our core academic program, we have support teachers in ESL and Special Services. Our teachers are the key to fulfilling our mission of educating students for life, as they not only teach academics, but also model living and thinking from a Biblical worldview.

Mr. Steven Hutchcraft
Middle School Principal