Dorm Staff Profiles

Our Team

Our staff team consists of three dorm parent couples, two dorm assistants, and a nurse. They are all committed to making each student’s stay at Dalat a positive and enriching experience.

Team Profiles

Brian and Valerie Weidemann

Residence Life Supervisors

Jaffray Dorm Parents

Brian and Valerie Weidemann, alumni of Dalat from the class of 1986, came to Dalat as dorm parents in 2001 and have been dorm parents in three of the four dorms: Ziemer, Chandler and Jaffray Dorm. They have led the boarding program as residence supervisors since 2004 offering support, training and accountability to the boarding staff team. Brian and Val have two grown children who grew up at Dalat from early elementary through graduation.

Before coming to Penang in 2001, Brian and Valerie attended Wheaton College in IL, USA. Valerie received a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education; she has worked as a writer/editor in Christian publishing and served as an Early Childhood Director in their local church. Brian studied Physical Education and then served in law enforcement for 10 years.

The Weidemanns have served as Jaffray Dorm Parents since 2010. As residence supervisors, Brian and Val provide ongoing support for dorm parents and dorm students. They meet regularly with the dorm staff team, each individual staff member, and with the dorm council of student reps from each dorm. They represent the boarding program on several committees, including School Leadership Team, School Management Team, and Special Services Team

Jonas and Mary Hawk

Jackson Dorm

Jonas and Mary Hawk came to Dalat as dorm parents in August 2011. Mary attended Dalat for seven years herself and graduated with the class of 1992. She lived in three of our dorms as a boarding student when her parents were missionaries in India and her parents were also dorm parents here from 1989-1993. Mary worked at Dalat as the Special Services Coordinator from 1998-2000. She has a BA in Special Ed and MA in Psychology Counseling. She worked as a counselor in private practice for the eight years prior to coming to Dalat in 2011. Mary enjoys coaching, mentoring and working with youth.

Jonas has a BA in English/Education and MA in Liberal Arts. He has participated in missions trips, ministered in camp and inner city settings, as well as served as an English, Math and Science teacher in Christian schools in the States, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Jonas is gifted in teaching, discipleship and worship ministries. Both have been involved in college-age residence life ministry and feel strongly called to cross-cultural youth ministry. Their children’s names are Levi and Lyric Rose.

Jan Hogan


Guest House Coordinator

Jan Hogan is from West Virginia, USA where she worked as an Emergency Room Nurse. This is Jan’s second term of service at Dalat. She worked here as school nutritionist from 1990 to 1998. She has served as the school nurse since 2010. She has three grown children.

In addition to her role as the school nurse, Jan also serves as the guest house coordinator. Visiting parents can contact her to make reservations for a guest room when they visit their children.

Scott Poulter

Assistant Dorm Parent

Short Stay Coordinator

Scott Poulter, alumni of the class of 2007, returned to Dalat as Assistant Dorm parent in 2016. The son of Wycliffe missionaries, he grew up in Kenya, the United States, and Malaysia. He graduated with a photography degree from York College in 2011 and spent the next 4 years in the San Francisco art world managing logistics. After a brief stint working in a Kenyan refugee camp, he volunteered a year of service to his local church which introduced him to relational ministry and eventually led him back to Dalat. Scott serves in all three dorms, providing coverage on the dorm parents’ days off, in addition to providing administrative support to the whole boarding program.

Scott also serves as the program’s short stay coordinator.