Mission and Goals

Dalat Mission Statement

Education for life founded
on a biblical worldview.

Dalat Vision Statement

Our students will know God
and impact their world for His glory.

What Do We Believe?

The educational philosophy of Dalat is based on our mission statement – “Education for life founded on a biblical worldview.” The mission statement is broken up into three different categories – education, life, and biblical for which Dalat makes statements of what “we believe.”


Dalat International School is a community based on truth, grace, and lives transformed through Jesus Christ.

  • We believe God is the source of all truth.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is who he said he was and that changes everything.
  • We believe the Bible is relevant for contemporary life.
  • We believe the Bible should be the filter through which we see God, creation, humanity, purpose, and morality.
  • We believe the Bible and its teachings are a vital component of a child’s education


Dalat International School promotes learning that develops the whole student: body, heart, and mind.

  • We believe that great schools foster a healthy balance of academics, the arts, and sports activities, and consider them all to be co-curricular.
  • We believe that students should be challenged to critically engage their culture, their history, their worldview, and their place in time and space.
  • We believe that students’ lives are enhanced by technology as they become proficient, responsible, wise, and discerning in its use.
  • We believe that compassionate service to others transforms students and communities and is a vital component of education.
  • We believe that the pursuit of unity and understanding within a culturally diverse community is a foundational life skill.
  • We believe that an important part of learning is for students to recognize the consequences of their choices and actions, and to learn to make wise decisions.


Dalat International School exists to provide a world-class education that inspires and equips students to meet the challenges of the future.

  • We believe that parents are an integral part of their child’s education and a successful school experience depends on good two-way communication and a solid partnership with families.
  • We believe that each student is unique, and a student’s academic performance is not the measure of his or her worth as a person.
  • We believe that a student’s grades should be a reflection of performance, mastery, application, and effort.
  • We believe that homework should be a meaningful extension of the classroom and appropriately challenging.
  • We believe that the Dalat educational experience extends beyond the classroom, touching multiple aspects of life.

Dalat’s Educational Philosophy

Student Outcome Statements (SOS)

To define who we are as a school and what we want to accomplish with our students, Dalat has adopted clearly defined expectations for teaching and learning. Formerly called Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR), the goals and outcomes were revised in 2018 to meet the evolving needs of the school. We now call them Student Outcome Statements, organized around four Flagships.


Dalat inspires enthusiastic lifelong learners who are inquisitive, creative and independent.


  • asking meaningful and relevant questions.
  • expressing themselves creatively and ethically through media and the arts.
  • reading, writing, and speaking fluently in English.
  • conveying clearly their ideas and learning


  • demonstrating a growth mindset and exhibiting intellectual curiosity.
  • being a self-directed and goal-oriented learner.
  • embracing new opportunities, taking risks, and overcoming setbacks.
  • reflecting critically and seeking creative solutions to everyday challenges.


Dalat empowers students to become responsible members of their community, providing opportunities to lead, serve others, and honor God.


  • showing respect.
  • giving generously of their time, talents, and finances.
  • putting God and others above themselves.
  • leading through positive choices and actions


  • caring for God’s creation.
  • using technology appropriately.
  • living a balanced and self-disciplined life.
  • promoting equity and social justice.
  • exhibiting integrity and honesty


Dalat encourages students to build respectful and caring relationships with sympathy and humility.


  • listening and giving feedback respectfully.
  • being a flexible, adaptable, and responsible team player.
  • understanding other points of view.
  • cooperating.


  • treating others with empathy & Christ-like love.
  • building friendships with people of different cultures and generations.
  • valuing and appreciating the Malaysian culture.
  • engaging constructively in the Dalat community.


Dalat mentors students inspiring them to seek truth, love God, and grow in Christ.


  • seeking the truth.
  • understanding and applying God’s Word.
  • making wise decisions based on biblical truth.
  • evaluating and articulating worldviews based on the Bible.


  • showing gratitude.
  • practicing habits of spiritual formation.
  • pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • having a teachable attitude.
  • participating in mentoring relationships.

Dalat’s Mission Defined

Our Mission: An Education for Life founded on a Biblical Worldview

  • Education for Life Dalat International School seeks to provide an education that goes beyond pure academics: “education for life” trains the next generation to be people of character, integrity and compassion; prepare them to make a positive impact on the world whatever their career choice, and wherever they live.
  • Founded Dalat was established on God’s Word, the Bible. It is our foundation and cornerstone.
  • Biblical Worldview Dalat follows the values stated in the Bible that help us make decisions and evaluate the world around us.