Fine & Performing Arts

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts believe that artistic sensibility is a vital part of a well-rounded education.

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Students’ talents and faith are nurtured as they grow an appreciation for art in all its forms. All Dalat students have the opportunity to integrate their faith, knowledge and creativity while discovering the joy that comes with creating and performing.

The school’s arts program are not limited to the classroom. Co-curricular opportunities abound, with performance groups, gallery exhibitions, concerts and theatrical presentations. Co-curricular studio time is available daily for artistic activity.

The Music program focuses on high quality performance, literacy, and appreciation, providing the opportunity for many students to participate actively in music. Music is a required course for every student at Dalat from preschool through grade 8, based on the conviction that musical experiences provide tremendous education and life benefits.

Dalat’s Drama program is a creative blend of disciplines, emphasizing not only dramatic performance but also stagecraft, dramatic writing and multi-media production.

The Visual Arts program introduces students to the building blocks of visual arts, design and sculpture, incorporating concepts in language, line, shape, color, value and texture. Courses build on this knowledge using principles that help students to imagine and produce successful art pieces while they explore many different disciplines.