Program Introduction

Dalat International School’s long-term vision for its students are men and women of character who know God and impact their world for His glory. Dalat’s service learning program, IMPACT, is a direct reflection of this vision.

Utilizing their quality classroom education based on a biblical worldview, IMPACT’s service learning opportunities propel students beyond their normal living and learning environments to serve, learn from, and engage with peoples of diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Program Philosophy

IMPACT enhances and expands traditional on-campus learning, classroom instruction and spiritual life programs through a holistic approach to service learning. All IMPACT service learning opportunities are built upon the principles of “others before self” and “do not harm.”

Program Objectives

  • To provide service learning opportunities that leave a lasting impact on student’s hearts and mind and which lead to a lifetime of learning and service.
  • To help students develop an appreciation and respect for peoples of diverse cultures, backgrounds and socioeconomic status.
  • To help students understand and see the world from the perspective of peoples of diverse backgrounds.
  • To provide students with the tools, education, and experiences needed to clearly communicate and effectively work cross-culturally.
  • To expose students to a variety of service, outreach, and ministry practices and strategies.
  • To assist and serve Christ-Centered organizations with their long-term service and outreach strategies.
  • To develop a deeper relationship with Jesus through intentional discipleship and reflection.
  • To develop stronger community and deeper relationships between students and teachers.
  • To provide students practical leadership opportunities and experience.

Desired Outcomes

  • Passionate Leaders Impact Trips provide students with unique opportunities to work with and learn from diverse cultures.
  • Servant Leaders Impact Trips encourage and equip students to live a lifestyle of respectful, compassionate, and loving service which places the needs of others before their own.
  • Faithful Stewards Impact Trips require that students give of their time, finances, and talents to the world through service.
  • Effective Communicators Impact Trips provide students the training, tools, and experiences needed to communicate with grace and cultural awareness in the modern world with those of diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • God Seekers Impact Trips connect biblical education to authentic practice. Specifically, they provide faith-building opportunities for students to both pursue their relationship with Christ and identify their spiritual gifts and callings through the application of their biblical education in real world environments.
  • Transformed Thinkers Impact Trips challenge students to evaluate their thoughts and actions against those of other cultures and that of biblical truths.

Impact Trips

Currently in development, Impact Trips are High School trips that cross cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic boarders and that utilize student’s education, passions, and skills to impact their world for God through two-way avenues of service and learning. Happening over spring break, Impact Trips visit Impact program partners in South-East Asia. All trips are lead and chaperoned by Dalat Staffs.

Contact Information
Mr. Andrew McClary
Impact Coordinator