School THEME

Setting Sail

A ship in the harbor is safe, but this is not what ships are built for. They have important work to do, and adventure and discovery awaits out on the open seas. The same is true for Dalat International School students!

As we begin this new school year, open a new high school building, and trim our sails for uncharted territories, we’ve established the theme of Setting Sail around a new set of student goals that we are calling “Flagships”.

Our purpose at Dalat International School is to prepare students to live their lives boldy and courageously, fully prepared and equipped for success. While our students are still in the harbor of Dalat, we will challenge them to learn, try new things, sometimes fail, and then try again. Dalat also seeks to equip students with the anchor (relationship with God) that they will need for each encounter, trial, and storm that will come their way.

The “Flagships” we are launching and exploring throughout this year are:

  • Scholarship (Academic)
  • Citizenship (Character)
  • Discipleship (Spiritual)
  • Relationship (Relational)

If you would like to learn more about our Flagships and Student Outcome Statements, (SOS) head to our Missions and Goals Page.

The school theme will be talked about and worked through in the classroom with students and teachers. The Head of School will discuss the “Setting Sail” in Dalat News and throughout the year with parents.