What Are We Missing?


I am reading a fascinating book about media and technology called “The Next Story” by Tim Challies.

One of the questions the book challenges its readers to ask is “what are the hidden costs?” All technological advancements bring with it both risk and opportunity. Each one is invented, developed, or created to solve problems and enhance life but ultimately each advancement creates new problems.

Think about this idea with some obvious examples (e.g. automobiles, TV, cell phones, the internet) and I believe you’ll concur with the author’s hypothesis. Very simply, with each advancement we gain in numerous ways, however, in others ways (often subtly) we “lose.”

This is a question we need to ask in today’s world. I know what I am gaining from the technology as that is very evident and the benefits are obvious and up front. But what am I losing, or phrased another way, “what am I missing?”

Interestingly enough, a great illustration of this point can be found in the following commercial from Thailand. I would strongly encourage you to take a minute to watch it as it makes some poignant statements about life today.

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