For the first part of the semester, I have been talking about our theme for this year. In the next week or two, I would like to focus on a couple other topics and then come back to discussing the importance of “disconnecting.”

This week I want to take time to reassure our community regarding the amount of rumors out in and around Penang about the location of Dalat. Last semester I wrote an article entitled the “Rumor Weed” that talked about rumors. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, I would encourage you to view that post as it has some helpful tips about how to handle rumors.

I have had a couple different Dalat parents over the last few weeks tell me that they have been told that Dalat has been sold and we are moving. This has come from multiple sources outside the Dalat community by people who are quite confident that this is truth. This has created some doubts and concerns for those hearing these rumors. I understand how this can cause concern. A few years ago I was in a taxi cab when the driver told me, quite confidently, that Dalat was moving to Ipoh. I let him know that we weren’t but he was sure of it because his brother was in real estate and the property had been sold to a developer.

The best way to quell rumors is with communication so let me clarify what the situation is for Dalat and our current property:

  • We have been on our current location since 1971 and have a good relationship with the landlord.
  • Our current lease runs through 2016.
  • We have a verbal agreement with the landlord that assures us use of the land for another 20+ years. Later this semester we will be meeting with them to clarify and work through finalizing that agreement.
  • The parking lot and upper soccer field are on a different piece of property that could be sold some time in the future. This, however, would not affect our lease for the main property. Dalat would need to look for answers to the question of parking and a playing field. If that property is sold we will let our community know and we will begin to make plans for not having access to it.

So if you are in a cab, getting a pedicure, talking with other parents, or overhear someone at Starbucks say that Dalat has been sold and will be moving, you can let them know that it is just a rumor. Kindly and politely, “kill the rumor weed.”

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