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At the school board meetings in May an important event took place. Our current school board chairman Steve Strong finished his term and the newly elected chairman Ooi Choon Piao took over the position

The chairman’s position is a vital one as he gives leadership to the body that has ultimate authority and responsibility for the school. It is a position of significance and important influence. For that reason I thought it would be good to introduce the new chairman to the community.

Choon grew up in Ipoh, Malaysia. After secondary education in Malaysia, he attended university in the U.S. and graduated from University of Virginia with a BS in Business Administration. He worked for Morgan Stanley from 1993-2008 in 4 different cities – New York, London, Hong Kong and Japan. He and his family moved to Penang in 2008.

He currently is spending a majority of his time involved in various Christian ministries and is attending Fettes Park Baptist Church. Choon’s wife is Janice and they have 4 sons: Jerald – 5th grade, Christopher – 3rd grade, Jonathan – Preschool 4, and Carsten – 2years old. Choon has already been serving on the school board for the past two years and has also served as vice president of the PTO.

There is no doubt that Choon is passionate about Dalat and I am excited to have him leading the school board.

Have a great long weekend!

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