Howdy Partner! (part 3)



This is the last week to focus on the article “What Teachers Wish You Knew.” It was written after completing a survey of thousands of teachers across the United States and gives some suggestions for parents. The first five were mentioned earlier in the Dalat News.

1. Don’t be a Stranger.

Get to know your child’s teacher.

2. Learning Doesn’t Stop at 3:35pm.

You can help the teacher by asking your child about his/her day.

3. Let Your Child Make Mistakes.

Your child is learning and mistakes are a part of the learning process.

4. Stay Involved – Even When You Do Not Know the Material.

Just knowing a parent is paying attention can be very motivating for a student.

5. Teachers Are On Your Side – Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt.

Check with the teacher before assuming the worst.

Let’s take a look at the last two:

6. Keep Your Child Organized.

Habits are formed early in life so help your child learn valuable organizational skills. So often teachers are chasing down assignments or important forms that are eventually found at the bottom of the student’s backpack all crumpled up. One suggestion is to create a system in which the child empties his/her backpack each day as part of the after-school routine. You can even set up a place where assignments, forms, and other important papers are placed so they are not lost around the house or in the child’s bedroom.

In the Dalat middle school students are given an agenda’s and their use is integrated into their day in many different ways. Parents can support the use of the agenda’s by checking it and even using it for family events and responsibilities. Our HS students are also strongly encouraged to use the organizer Apps recommended by Dalat and to make its use a part of their life skills.

7. If the Teacher Deserves a Good Grade, Give Him/Her One.

Teachers rarely hear praise. Most of the time a parent’s visit or note is related to a complaint or an issue with their child. It is incredibly uplifting and motivating for teachers to hear that parents appreciate them. A simple note or e-mail can brighten up a teacher’s week. If you feel the teacher is doing a good job, let him or her know and maybe even let the principal know as well.

In writing about partnership and some simple ideas of how to connect with your child’s teacher, I hope that you have been encouraged to take the initiative in ensuring even greater educational success for your child. Dalat desires to see each and every child succeed and that happens when a strong partnership is formed between the school and parents.

Have a great weekend.

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