The Art of DISconnecting



As we come to the end of the school year, I wanted to post one more article about our theme “DISconnect.” I am very pleased to see that the theme permeated our campus in many different ways this year. There was a musical about DISconnect, a “tiny little” one, but it was well done and powerful in what it said to us (I am actually singing one of the songs in my head as I write this!).

Our yearbook for this year integrated DISconnect into its theme, design, and copy. There were papers written, posters made, in-class discussions, assignments, and more, all about the issues we face in living in a technologically driven world. One of our AP art students, Keanu Lee, focused his AP portfolio on this theme, and I have included some of his art below. His work makes some very powerful statements done through some very impressive pieces of art.

This is a topic and an issue that we should not stop talking about when the school year ends. Nor should we forget about it and move mindlessly on to a new theme next year. I believe this theme resonated with us because we all realize — teachers, students, parents — that this is something we need to think about, reflect on, and engage in because it is such an important aspect of life now. The theme itself asked us to really think through how to use technology to enhance our lives yet not be controlled by it or negatively impacted through it.

This theme needs to be something that we continue to focus on as a school and community. It has become an important part of education for life and needs to continue to be a focus for us in to the years to come.

Simply stated — we cannot “disconnect” from this theme.




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