The Courage of Lincoln


At the Smithsonian Institute, they have on display the personal effects that Abraham Lincoln was carrying on the night he was shot. In one of his pockets they found a worn-out newspaper clipping praising his accomplishments as President.

Why would one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the U.S. be carrying around such an article? Because Lincoln led the nation during a divisive time and was often criticized by the press for the many decisions he had to make. It can be theorized that when often facing criticisms and the hard situations that was his life as President, this article was read by him for encouragement.

Take some time in this next week to give someone you know “courage.”

We all need to be encouraged through hard times. Life is hard and we face struggles each and every day. One of the responsibilities we have as friends, family, and colleagues is to encourage one another. It is part of living in community. The definition of the word encouragement is “to place courage in someone,” and when life is hard that is exactly what we need – the courage to face a tough situation, to get the work done, to make a hard decision.

Take some time in this next week to give someone you know “courage.”

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