You’re Only in High School Once (YOHO)


This past Wednesday, the high school students participated in a long standing tradition at Dalat, the senior chapel. This is a chapel that is put together by the senior class and is a chance for them to make one last statement to their fellow students before heading out into the world.

The senior class of 2014 continued their theme of pirates with a reader’s theater musical titled “Walk the Plank Melodies.” The musical was set in Jack Sparrow’s School for Pirates and had the students progressing through the four years of high school. It was very musical as the seniors sang songs adapted from the movies Les Miserables, Frozen, The Lego Movie, and Veggie Tales.

There were four themes the seniors wanted to share with the high school students as they leave:

  • High school does not define you. Be okay with being your own person and do not try so hard to fit in. Celebrate your individuality and uniqueness.
  • Don’t get so wrapped up in all the drama of school. Much of the things that we get so upset about in high school are not that important and are just distractions.
  • Get involved. The more you participate in, the more you will enjoy high school.
  • Appreciate your time in high school. Invest in relationships. It will be over sooner than you think.

The Class of 2014 did a good job of presenting their message through a fun and entertaining chapel. They can be proud of what they have accomplished as a class.Each year we have to say good bye to the seniors which is sad for us all and something we do not necessarily want to do. The class of 2014 is so right when they say that high school is over quickly as each year flies by and we are all amazed at how quickly it comes to an end. Over the next week, we will celebrate with the senior class their accomplishment of completing high school, and then say good bye as they leave.

This is a sad time each year and yet we do know that in just a couple of months a new school year will start and a new senior class will be leading the student body at Dalat. So to the class of 2015, and all the rest of us, the departing seniors leave this parting word: “YOHO.”

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