Make your Bed and Change the World


I have been what some consider a tough dad in that I have required my kids to make their bed each morning. I did this in part because I felt it was important for them to take on this responsibility and to keep their rooms clean even at a young age.

Recently I watched a commencement address by the commander of the U.S. Navy Seals to the graduates at the University of Texas. The address has gone viral for a number of reasons, but partly I suspect it is because he stated that to be a “world changer” you need to make your bed.

I thought you might be interested in hearing what he says about the importance of making your bed, so here is a link that takes you directly to that part of his address.



Making your bed is considered a “keystone” habit. A keystone habit is one that positively effects other habits and behaviors, gives you a sense of “victory,” encourages the development of other habits, and increases your energy and confidence. Simply, it is a little habit that unintentionally has a big effect on many other things.

The idea of making your bed has an obvious connection to our theme this year. To make your bed is truly a “first things first” action that takes some self-discipline and work. But isn’t that the case with all priorities? We have to have the self-discipline and willingness to do some work, but if we do, the payoff can be a positive one in many different areas of our lives.

So make your bed and change the world!

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