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Last semester, I wrote a number of articles on the topic of “grit.” That topic has now become our theme for this school year. I thought before discussing it further, it would be good to offer a quick review. A review is a good starting point and also allows our new families to understand why this topic became our focus theme.

To inspire you to review previous articles, let me highlight a couple statements about “grit” and why every parent should not only know what “grit” is, but take steps to encourage “grit” in their children:

“Recently a number of books about education and success have been talking about the characteristic of “grit.” Schools tend to see high grades and test scores as an indicator of potential for success, and yet one of the major characteristics needed for success – perseverance and grit, is rarely mentioned or discussed.”

“Grit is the quality of being able to sustain your passions, and also work really hard at them, over really disappointingly long periods of time.”

“What is so important about grit? Well the research on grit is compelling for parents and educators: students with high levels of grit are more successful in both academic and non-academic pursuits. It has been proven that it is more important than IQ when it comes to success.”

Here are the articles from last semester. I want to encourage you to take the 5 minutes needed to read them as they could impact the way you see your child and your involvement in preparing him/her to be successful in life:

  • True Grit: Introduction of what “grit” is and why we need to start talking about it.
  • Got Grit: Further definition of what “grit” is by the leading expert Angela Lee Duckworth and a link to a short Ted Talk by Angela.
  • Flexing Grit Muscles: Discussion about the paradigm shift that needs to happen in schools today to create a “grit” friendly environment.
  • Raising Gritty Kids: Four steps parents can take to help encourage the development of “grit” in the lives of their children.
  • Let’s Go To The Movies: A list of movies you can watch with your kids that highlight and show what “grit” is.

Here is a link to a PDF file that has all the articles together in one document.

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