We will be looking at the topic of resiliency for the rest of this quarter, but before doing so, I would like to direct you to a recent CNN article about GRIT, our year-long theme. The article is well-written, interesting, and contains valuable links and videos. The article refers to a book that some of you might want to purchase for yourselves, Grit to Great (click on the title to take you to Here is a link to the book’s website which has a grit “test” you and/or your children can take. The CNN article provides five steps to helping build grit in your kids:

#1 — Make your kids make their beds.
#2 — Don’t pack their camping gear.
#3 — Encourage your kids to solve small problems.
#4 — Praise the effort, not the end result.
#5 — Teach them everyone can learn grit.

So head on over and read the article, and next week we will start to look at our second aspect of GRIT, resiliency.

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