What Room Does Fear Have?


Last week I shared a video that illustrated how integrity is a part of grit. Well, I came across another video that I would like to share. This one is not so much about integrity and its relation to grit, but as I watched it I again, I heard many statements that resonated with what we have been learning about grit.

The video is of a public high school dance team in the state of Georgia. The team put together a routine that actually is movement to words and not just music. The story of the routine is one of perseverance as it took a lot of work and the team faced a number of obstacles to perform this live.

As you listen and watch the video, you will hear statements that relate to having a growth mindset, seeing setbacks as part of life, understanding fear as an obstacle, understanding that failure is a part of success, etc.

This performance has resonated so much with people that since it was posted on 1 February, it has been viewed more than 6 million times. I would encourage you to watch it as well.

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