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Last week we started to look at our theme “Spark: Power to Ignite” and specifically at the “power of ideas.” Every aspect of our modern life has been affected by the fact that we are creative beings and that we have the ability to take an idea and turn it into reality. Ideas are basically seeing the world as it could be, not just the way it is.

We know that ideas are powerful and can change not only our own lives but have the potential to change the world. People much smarter than myself have spent years studying the idea of ideas and where they come from. Ideas, while seemingly very vague and abstract (just sort of happen), actually have a distinct process triggered by some key factors.

One of those factors is that ideas need time. A person that is rushing around busy with many tasks is not able to stop and let the brain germinate the thoughts that then connect to other thoughts or experiences, which then turn into an idea. Ideas happen when we have time to make the insightful connections in our brain and have that eureka moment. This is why so many great ideas happen in the shower. It is the one point in your day where you are not juggling many different tasks or responsibilities, you are alone to think to yourself, you are relaxed, and you are in an environment where you can dream, connect, and be inspired. The biggest problem with this, however, is that we usually do not have something in the shower to write down that great idea or thought, and by the time we can write it down, we have moved back to the busyness of life.

Besides the idea of taking longer showers, how else can we apply what we have talked about to our lives and the lives of our children? One is that we need to build time into our schedule for “down time.” We need to be okay with not being busy from sun up to sun down. This is not such an easy task in the fast-paced, multitasking world that we live in. Next week we will talk about the importance of coffee to the generation of ideas, but for now, let’s just become more aware and okay with the idea of slowing down and even scheduling time in our busy schedules for a virtual shower.

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