Kindness & The Common Cold


We have been talking about the importance of kindness and teaching our students to understand this important life lesson. The interesting thing about kindness is that it is just like a virus or a disease. Kindness and the common cold actually have a lot in common. Let me explain.

When you observe someone performing an act of kindness there is a physiological response called “moral elevation.” The brain responds in a way that provides you with something similar to a natural high, or in non-scientific terms, “the warm fuzzies.” It is not fully understood yet why this phenomenon occurs and it is being studied more in depth by experts, but the physiological response to seeing kindness is a proven fact.

Here’s what happens with that “warm fuzzy” you get from your brain; it inspires you to be more altruistic. In other words, it simply makes you want to do something kind as well. Through numerous studies, this has been proven repeatedly.

So much like the common cold, which starts with one person in your community and then spreads to three others who then spread it to another three and so on and so on, kindness can act the same way. When you do an act of kindness and it is witnessed by a handful of people they then are encouraged to do something kind, which then inspires the people who see them as well. The power of multiplication means that your one act of kindness can make a huge difference in your community.

Here is a short video that illustrates this life principal extremely well. My hope is that by watching it you will be inspired to look for opportunities to do small acts of kindness. If you do, your little selfless act may go viral, and in this case, unlike the cold you recently spread to others, this would be a good thing.

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