The Dalat student Recognition & Awards program is designed to identify and celebrate growth in the areas of academics, the arts, service, leadership, citizenship, discipleship, and athletics. There is a distinction drawn between exemplars of significance, and “awards” which are characterized by excellence and competition. The program seeks to both recognize and award in different areas.

It is Dalat's desire that each student will experience outstanding growth and achievement. To read more on the philosophy behind the Dalat Awards Program visit the following document.

Flagship Awards

The flagships reflect the values of Dalat, defining who we are and what we want to accomplish with our students. The four flagship exemplars are the students who best embody each flagship.

Relationship Award

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Discipleship Award

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Eagle All-Around Award

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NHS Awards

Since 1921, NHS has been recognizing the highest achieving students in grades 10-12. Today, NHS inducts more than 1 million members each year who make significant service contributions to their schools and communities.

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Middle School Awards

Dalat Middle School students start to gain a drive and passion for excellence that they carry with them throughout their lives. Recognizing that early dedication, commitment and talent is essential. We have an amazing bunch of students!

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