Academics Introduction

Strong Preparation for Universities Worldwide

Dalat’s curriculum and instruction provide a broad basis in general education and a strong preparation for university systems worldwide; however, possession of a high school diploma does not guarantee admission to a post-secondary institution.

Students planning to pursue postsecondary education in countries other than the U.S. should consult country and university-specific entrance requirements. Families should do so in the beginning of grade 9, planning for necessary courses from the beginning of high school.

If a student requires courses not offered by Dalat International School, the family is encouraged to consult with the school’s Distance Education coordinator. Transfer credits from Internet education, correspondence, and home school courses may be considered for transfer credit and grade (and included in the Dalat International School transcript) if received through an accredited institution. Please meet with the school counselor if you have questions.

Dalat International School offers rigorous university preparatory programs including Advanced Placement courses. Both of these challenge the students with classes and activities that will prepare students for post-secondary education.

eLearning is a fast growing teaching tool all over the world and at Dalat. Take a look at the many courses and opportunities offered through this online medium that opens the world of possibilities to students.

Dalat also offers English as a Second Language (ESL) to advancing English language learners. Dalat does not have an ESL program for beginning learners of English. Students entering Dalat must have a good grasp of the English language before entering the school so that the student can be successful in the rigorous academic environment.

Everything you need to know about class credits, diploma requirements, and planning for university are also included in the links on these pages.