Understanding the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a standardized, college credit-granting exam program maintained by The College Board. The CLEP offers 34 exams covering material taught in courses that you may generally take in your first two years of college. 2,900 colleges and universities grant credit for CLEP, and each institution determines the exams for which it awards credits, the minimum qualifying score required to get credit, and the amount of credits that will be granted per exam.

Before you take a CLEP exam, review the CLEP policy of your college or university. For a full list of exams offered, consult the following link:

Note: Our testing centre does not offer optional essays for CLEP composition and literature exams.


Test takers must first register for an account via the CLEP My Account Registration Portal. You will choose your exam and pay a $93 USD test fee in advance online (you will pay a cash only 100 RM administrative fee per exam taken upon check-in on test day – exact change only).

After you register for your test online, print out your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket(s), and bring it with you on test day. CLEP Exam Registration Tickets must display the exact examination you intend to take. If the examination name on the ticket does not correspond to the exam you plan to take on test day, you will have to complete additional steps on the CLEP website prior to taking your exam which may delay or cancel your appointment.

Make an Appointment

In order to make an appointment at Dalat International School, contact us via e-mail at A maximum of 2 exams can be taken per appointment.

Test Day Check-List

Administrative Fee

100 RM per exam (cash only; exact change)

Valid ID

CLEP requires that you present a current, valid, government-issued ID that contains a photo and signature. To review the identification requirements visit the official CLEP website. Note: If you do not meet the minimum identification requirements, we cannot administer the test to you.

Registration Ticket

A valid CLEP Exam Registration ticket must be presented upon check-in. Note: Without the aforementioned items, it will not be possible to administer your exam.

CLEP Test Dates

Complete the registration form below to register for a CLEP Testing Session at Dalat International School. Testing dates are shown on the form:

NOTE: Dates are subject to change. Please contact the CLEP administrator at to confirm testing date before making travel arrangements.