EAL Department

Preparing Students for Success in English

Dalat International School accepts students who are studying English as a second language, but students must have sufficient English to participate in the mainstream classroom. EAL students spend the majority of their day studying alongside native English speakers, and they are required to complete a full school curriculum.

Second language students receive regular EAL classes to support them in their English studies. The main goal of the EAL program at Dalat is to prepare students to be successful in the regular classroom so they can benefit from the mainstream curriculum.

In order to maintain our high academic standards at Dalat, no class has more than 25% of students who are currently mastering English. In addition, at least 50% of our classrooms are made up of native English speakers.

EAL applicants take a language test to determine their level of ability in English, and their readiness for studying an English language curriculum. Any EAL student at Dalat must have demonstrated from his previous schooling good learning ability plus strong motivation to learn and be successful in school.

Middle School and High School students are requested to speak English throughout the school day, including during breaks. This benefits the students’ English skills; it also encourages cross-cultural friendships.