Elementary Activities

KICs – Kids Interest Clubs

Students in Grades 1-4 are encouraged to sign up for our after-school clubs program. We offer a wide variety of clubs in areas ranging from sports to hobbies to academic interests. Students are given new choices to sign up for each quarter.

One club option for boys is Dalat’s Cub Scouts program. Scouting is a fantastic program which allows students to gain skills in areas of interest. Visit the Boy & Cub Scouts page for more information.

Older students (grades two–four) involved in KICs soccer programs may have the opportunity to participate in occasional competitions with young students from other international schools in Penang.

Most KICs are offered at no charge, but sometimes we recruit teachers from the Penang region to supplement our expertise. In this case there may be a fee. Parents are welcome and encouraged to offer their expertise as club leaders.

Elementary Music

Elementary students participate in one musical each year, grades K–2 in December and grades 3–5 in May. They can audition for a major part or solo, collaborate on the costumes, set, and choreography, and polish emerging musical and dramatic skills. And most important, they get to be up on stage singing and dancing in front of adoring fans!

Elementary Sports Day

Elementary Sports Day (usually held before the Christmas break) allows elementary students to engage as teams in fun sports activities. Many of the activities complement skills that students have been learning in PE classes. Some examples of the activities they engage in include the Softball Throw, 30 Meter Sprint, Running Long Jump, and Obstacle Course.

Battle of the Books &
Reading Fair Week

The Battle of the Books is a library-sponsored reading incentive competition typically held during the spring semester. Students learn to work together as a team (chosen by the teacher) and read pre-selected books from a list.

At the end of the six-week reading period, students come together for a “battle” to test their knowledge of the books, and must remember the title and author of the books to earn full points.

Later, students assemble a display board about their favorite books from the competition for a Reading Fair. The boards are judged and winners revealed at our special awards night.

Visual Arts Exhibition

The artwork specially created by elementary students during their weekly pull-out art classes is featured at an end-of-the-school year exhibition at the Fine Arts Festival. Two pieces made by every elementary student (kindergarten–grade four) are displayed for several days at this grand event, which showcases Dalat students’ talents in fine and performing arts. Learn more about the Fine Arts Festival here.

Field Trips

Elementary students go on a variety of field trips throughout the year. Some locations they are likely to go to include Entopia, Botanic Garden, Penang Bird Park, Fort Cornwallis, Penang Hill, batik factory, chinatown and the Universiti Sains Malaysia science museum. All elementary students also go on a field trip to celebrate the end of the school year.