High School

Scott Uzzle High School Principal

Engaging Students With Our College-Preparatory Curriculum

Dalat International School engages students in a holistic approach, empowering them to be lifelong learners founded on Biblical principles. With a long history of academic excellence, Dalat provides challenging, collegiate-style programs and courses that encourage students to be inquisitive and take risks which, in turn, allows them to develop into effective and impactful leaders.

A Dalat International School education provides students with the ability to apply their learning beyond the classroom walls. Activities such as Impact trips, a robust athletic and fine arts program, and spiritual and missions emphasis weeks to name a few, provide our students with opportunities to pursue their passions in many different ways.

With a core of dedicated, selfless teachers, who pride themselves in ensuring all students are cared for and heard, Dalat truly adheres to “learning wrapped in relationships”. I encourage you to take the time and explore our website and read specifically how Dalat works to ensure student success at all levels. I welcome your questions and look forward to partnering with you on your students’ educational journey.

Mr. Scott Uzzle
High School Principal