Graduating Seniors thank their class sponsors

“Your love and support for the Class of 2020 is a testimony to the community that we are a part of. Your generous donations of time, service, creativity, and guidance enabled us to have an amazing year (despite all that happened!) We recognize your spirit of excellence in all things and acknowledge your efforts that went above and beyond. You will always be remembered.”

Class of 2020 Sponsors

Adam Daniels

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Thank you so much Mr. Daniels for all you have done for the Class of 2020. As we go into this next phase of life just know you have made our high school experience one to remember.

Duncan Magruder

I truly mean it when I say that you are the person I want to be when I am older: a person of genuine kindness, compassion, and joy.

Joseph Chandra

Tarin Daniels

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Mrs. Daniels you are sweet, fun, and caring, and it has been so amazing to have you as a sponsor these past two years.

Christina Beaman

You have helped to make our final years of high school the best possible and most memorable ones yet, and we will always be grateful for the many sacrifices you have made on our behalf, both seen and unseen. Thank you for everything, and we love you!

Nicole Lai

Jens Hieber

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Personally, I thank you for being not only a teacher, but also a friend to me. As my mentor, you both listened to my random thoughts and shared your own. As a sponsor, you provided a consistency that allowed us all to succeed as a class.

Wesley DeLaughter

You taught me that being human is okay. You acknowledge the unique strengths of everyone and allow us to let it flourish. Under your teaching, you helped me explore and develop my own voice as a writer by providing me with limitless thinking space and by bringing my strengths to light.

Jong Min Park

I will miss you greatly as I move on to the next stage of my life, but I hope you keep pushing the next class you have to become great readers and writers. Mr. Heiber, I will always remember you as one of my favorite teachers at Dalat as you are such a legend, and I will remember that you are one of the teachers I look up to!

Ella Jade Magruder

Jon Horton

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As a father and a sponsor, the way you live sets an example to those around you. It’s not something you have to get up and preach about. You simply walk the walk, and others notice. You’re a man of your word. When you say you’re going to do something, you always get it done.

Elizabeth Horton

There’s no problem with a computer that you can’t solve, and as it was said at the beginning of our Junior year: “Having a tech guy as a sponsor is like having Superman on your team.” Thank you for being our very own Superman!

Gabe Roberts

Carin Roylance

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If I had to sum your vibrant energy, self-less perseverance and optimistic enthusiasm into a single image, you most likely turn into a luminous sunflower stretching high among a cornfield.

Corinne Fraley

You are such a hard worker, and your dedication encouraged us to strive for greatness in every project we did, even when we got distracted.

Hannah Peek

When I heard that you were going to be one of our sponsors, I was thrilled…know that we are so thankful for all of your help. We did it with your guidance, Mrs. Roylance. Without you, our Junior-Senior experience would not have been the same. We wouldn’t have been able to do it as well as we did without you.

Lydia Brooks

Craig Roylance

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You have not only been a thoughtful, fun coach who teaches while enjoying the sport itself, but you have also been a good friend to play volleyball with.

Zhi Yong Lee

Because you are wise and are a man of few words, when you say something, we know you mean it. For example, your speeches each year during the Sports Awards are super meaningful and heartwarming. It shows how much you love our team and the sport.

Jireh Ang

I want to thank you again for being a part of my first two and last two years at Dalat. I’ve learned a lot from you, and I’ll never forget all those memories. Thank you, and we’re so grateful for you. We love you.

Dael Kim

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