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Graduating Class of 2021


The Dalat staff and administration are proud to use this digital space to recognize and applaud the class of 2021. We celebrate both their achievements and the uniqueness that they have been given by their Creator.

Year End Calendar of Events*

* Due to circumstances that may be beyond our control relating to COVID and Malaysian Government directives, these dates are subject to change.

Week Before Graduation

Graduation Week

Class of 2021 Biography Pages

During May 2021 we built ‘bio-pages’ for our list of graduates. They are ordered by the date they enrolled at Dalat, from first to last.

NOTE: Our Class of 2021 Biography Pages were accessible during the graduation period, but are now archived to protect the privacy of our graduates - only their photo remains.

Featured: Friday 21st May, 2021

Min-Song Ko

Kalia Brewster

Tien-Erh Huang

John Kim

Yumin Kim

Sumin Lim

Zoe Seevaratnam

Yebeen Kil

Mycah Winsor

Jeremy Kim

Esther Tse

Tyler Ronning

Annie Choi

Lydia Geiman

Featured: Monday 24th May, 2021

Mandy Liao

Jirawan Tritham

Joel Kelley

Jonathan Lao

Jia Yi Sim

Seung Hwan Kim

Alix-Andrea Stuart

Abel Tan

Culles Mah

Andrew Kaney

Sieon Park

Kolaya Ronzheimer

Sharisse Leong

Erica Jang

Featured: Tuesday 25th May, 2021

Arpita Mathew

Esther Yang

Zoe Grous

Ji Ah Choi

Kris Chong

Jared Douglas

Onyou Kim

Dorothy Koay

Sean Park

Amber Ruble

Anya Kaloo

Daniel Choi

Ally Kim

Liam Kuhns

Featured: Wednesday 26th May, 2021

Ziyu Moey

Zoey Ong

Abby Owen

Alice Yang

Kevile Dolie

Palmer Ford

Meredith Johnson

Jimin Park

Lydia Neeley

Commencement 2021 Video

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“Dream Big.”

Class of 2021 Photobank

Class Photo
(Cap & Gown)



(no awards)

(no masks)

(with masks)

Senior Grad Practice
( May 7)

senior group photo

“Look Great.”

“We recognize your spirit of excellence in all things and acknowledge your efforts that went above and beyond. You will always be remembered.”

Each year, the Advanced Composition class puts together a literary magazine with a submission from every senior. This year we have also featured it on these graduation pages so that parents and the wider Dalat community can access it.

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