Building Community and Life Skills

Middle school students have a variety of activities available to them. Some of these are required of all students and others are optional. These activities help to build community and also give the students the opportunity to develop non-academic life skills.


Retreats are a chance for students to get away from our campus and enjoy spending time growing together. Each semester begins with a one or two day the Middle School begins the year with a retreat to encourage team building and help new students develop relationships. Grade 8 students finish the year with their own trip, giving them a chance to bond as they say goodbye to middle school and look forward to high school.

X Blocks

Every quarter, students have the opportunity to sign up for X blocks. Each X block meets once or twice per week, directly after school. These vary each quarter, but always includes a variety of sports and fine arts activities, in addition to community service, academic supports, fun, and games.


Chapel is held each week and is under the direction of the spiritual life director. Students have the opportunity to worship, listen to special speakers, and learn Bible stories and lessons. Students may also be involved in leading worship by joining the Worship Team X Block. Chapel attendance is mandatory for all students at Dalat International School.

Student Awards

The awards system has been designed to give due recognition to those students who achieve a measure of success at Dalat in a broad variety of areas. The middle school recognizes students each semester for excellence in sports, character traits, and academics. Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to apply for membership in the Dalat Junior Honor Society.


SAT’s give Middle School students a student-centered opportunity to develop socially, academically, emotionally, co-operatively, spiritually, and accountability in order to transition more easily from an elementary classroom to the high school setting.

Each morning, sixth-eighth grade students meet with a teacher to begin the day. The main goal is to build positive relationships. Some days are spent on guidance lessons and goal setting, while other days are just spent having fun together.


Middle school students have the opportunity to join sports teams in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. The individual sports or tennis, track and field, and cross country are also offered. The teams will practice either during X block or later in the afternoon, and games are organized with other nearby schools. At the middle school level, we encourage all students to participate and do not have “try-outs.” While the high school sports teams are competitive, the middle school teams are more about learning the sport.