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Interested in a Tour?

Dalat International School is dedicated to maintaining a safe and focused learning environment for our students.

To uphold this standard, our school tour policy limits the number of visitors on campus to avoid potential safety concerns and disruptions. Therefore, we offer school tours exclusively to families who are in the application process and are likely to enroll. For those not yet at this stage, we invite you to visit the VIDEOS page on our website or email us at with any specific questions.

School tours at Dalat International School are available Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. We do not offer tours on weekends or during school holidays. To maintain a focused environment and ensure an optimal tour experience, tours are limited to the close family of the child applying. Please note that Dalat does not collaborate with outside agents to make tour arrangements; please arrange your tour independently.

If your family is eligible for a school tour, you can contact the admissions team via WhatsApp at +60 12 409 5441 or through email at