Fee Schedule

2024-25 Fee Schedule

Our Fee Schedule is also available to download as a PDF document. For further admission downloads and information visit the Admissions section of the Dalat Download Center.

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All prices are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

2024-2025 Fees At A Glance

NOTE: Fees will vary depending on programs, grade level, and additional options

2024-2025 Fees In Detail


Admission FeesFee
Application Fee: (non-refundable)600.00
Placement Test Fee: (non-refundable, Kindergarten – Grade 12)200.00
Remote Test Fee: (if applicable)150.00
(if required; one-time fee)
Kindergarten – Grade 3; OR3,000.00
Grade 4-85,000.00
Pre-School 3-4/Kindergarten (applied to RM 3,850.00 at start of Grade 1):1,200.00
Grade 1-12 (non-refundable)3,850.00
Position Holding Deposit: (per student – REFUNDABLE)
Refund of Position Holding Deposit is subject to proper notification to the school (refer to notification deadlines) prior to withdrawal.

Semester 1: October 15
Semester 2: March 15


Annual Tuition FeesSemesterYear Total
Kindergarten – Grade-4200.00400.00
Grades 5-61,050.002,100.00
Grades 7-8200.00400.00
Grades 9-12200.00400.00
Pre-School 3-410,500.0021,000.00
Grade 1-214,550.0029,100.00
Grade 3-419,350.0038,700.00
Grade 5-623,700.0047,400.00
Grade 7-826,500.0053,000.00
Grade 9 -1227,250.0054,500.00
Room & Board: (limited availability)20,890.0041,780.00
Grade K-4 (optional)900.001,800.00
Grade 5-12 (optional)1,080.002,160.00
Morning Snack – Pre-School (required) – K (optional)400.00800.00
Afternoon Snack – Grade 1- 4 (optional)400.00800.00

Recognized Agencies

In line with the school’s core values, mission, and vision families who are full time workers with a recognized mission agency can apply for a reduced fee schedule. For further information contact the Director of Admissions.



In the past Dalat International School has reserved spaces for students due to temporary absence. If you would like the school to reserve a space for your child due to temporary absence, kindly be aware that:

i. you need to pay one full semester’s tuition in advance (due by the start date of the semester you are absent);

ii. upon your child’s returning in the intended semester, 75% of the advanced fee paid will be applied to the that semester’s tuition i.e., 25% will be the one-semester “charge” for holding a spot for your child; 25% of one semester’s tuition will be due upon returning;

iii. Should you decide not to return to the school in the semester/year your child is scheduled to return, 75% of the advanced fees paid will be forfeited and 25% will be refunded to you;

iv. Should you decide to further delay your child’s return to the school from the semester your child is scheduled to return, 25% of the advanced fees paid will be forfeited and 75% will be carried forward to future semester. 25% of the remaining fees paid will be forfeited each time your child delays returning from the semester your child is scheduled to return. This can continue until the advanced fee paid is fully exhausted;

v. Upon your child returning to the school, 75% of the remaining balance from your advanced fee will be applied to that semester’s tuition fee i.e., the balance of one semester’s tuition will be due upon returning.

* all fees must be topped up to the amount as shown in the latest fee schedule in the semester a child returns to school
** temporary absences and extensions can only be for a maximum of two semesters each time.

Malaysian Law