Placement Chart

Please refer to the following Placement Chart to determine your child’s age appropriate grade. This is a starting point only—the placement test, and interview will assist Dalat’s Admissions Committee in finalizing your child’s placement in the most appropriate grade in our school.

Graduation Years for Grades

Student Acceptance

Students are accepted under the following conditions:

Acceptance Decisions

Acceptance Decisions are determined by Dalat International School’s Admissions Committee. The Head of School, Divisional Principals, Counselors and Admissions Coordinator form the Admissions Committee.

For further information about admission to Dalat please visit our Admission’s FAQ’s.

Admissions Checklist

The non-refundable application fee of RM600 and testing fee RM200* (RM800 total-checks payable to Dalat International School Sdn Bhd).

*If your child is at an American or International school that conducts annual standardized testing such NWEA MAP, please consult the admissions director on whether or not testing is necessary.

Please have your child’s current school complete our online teacher/principal references.

Ensure to include the Principal/Counselor Reference form.

Include a photocopy of the birth certificate.

Previous 2 years school records, including latest grades available and standardized test scores if available (not applicable for Preschool and Kindergarten applicants).

Include a photocopy of the student’s passport.

Include a photocopy of father’s and mother’s passport.

Student Forms

To apply, please complete the Student Application form, include a recent photo, and submit it to the school with a 600 RM application fee. A testing fee of 200 RM may be required for Grades K-12; please consult the admissions director to determine if your child needs testing.

Follow the instructions to complete and send the supplementary forms, including the teacher reference form, principal/counselor reference form, student immunizations, and physical evaluation, to the school.


Click the info icon above to view the Admissions Section of the Dalat Download Centre for further forms and information on admission to Dalat.

Boarders Only

For those applying to the boarding program, complete the additional Boarding Application (found in the brown section of the Application Procedure Page.) Send a photocopy of the picture page of the father’s passport, a copy of the student’s birth certificate, and four photos with blue background for the student visa.


Click the info icon above to view further forms and information on admission to Dalat.


Ask your son’s or daughter’s current school to issue a complete transcript (for high school) or school records (for middle school and elementary) with most recent grades and have it sent to Dalat. An official transcript is required for High School credits to transfer, but an unofficial copy will be accepted for planning and scheduling.

Sample Transcript

Click the info icon above to Download a sample Homeschool Transcript document if you need a template.

SAT’s and Educational Plans

If transferring from a North American school, submit a copy of your child’s most recent standardized test scores and any individualized educational plan.

EAL Note

All applicants will be interviewed. Kindergarten Applicants and older will take a standardized test for admission. Applicants who have been determined to need or benefit from EAL Support will be required to enroll in EAL Support. Additional interviews with the divisional principal or EAL Coordinator might be scheduled.

Depending on your son’s or daughter’s written and verbal abilities in English, he or she may need to take an English language exam which is administered on our campus prior to admission. If your child is transferring from a non-English speaking educational system (such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan or Thailand), he or she may need to sit for additional exams that will help us determine his or her appropriate grade level.

Admissions Guide

For more information about the requirements and procedures for admission into Dalat International School see our Admissions Guide.